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Why Jacaranda you ask? In case you are reading this the other side of the world and are not sure, Jacaranda is the name of a beautiful tree, which blooms around Oct/Nov, mostly in the Eastern states of Australia. Its flowers are the most exquisite shade of blue-purple, the nearest comparison probably being hyacinth blue, so who could not be inspired to write by such a spiritual colour? When the jacarandas start to blossom, you know it's exam time, but you also know that Christmas is just around the corner. It is said that if a jacaranda flower falls on your head as you walk underneath a tree, good fortune is sure to follow, so guess who did a lot of walking under jacaranda trees! Watch this space for changing images of this lovely tree!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's in a title?

Today I viewed an exhibition of photographs entitled Up the Cross , at the Historic Houses Trust of NSW Museum of Sydney with a friend. This exhibition displayed the work of two then young photographers, who took explicit and very human photographs of Sydney's infamous Kings Cross during the decadent decades of the 60s' and 70s'. One of the photographers, who has since passed away, was the son-in-law of a friend of my friend. His widow wanted his work to be immortalised in history.

Among the many photographs and exhibits was the original letter from the publishers of a book about these two artists' works, in which it was stated the original title Poking about the Cross was too racy and suggestive (although by today's standards I think that was a relatively mild double entendre). The book was subsequently published under the title Kings Cross Sydney: A Personal Look at the Cross (from a marketing point of view not nearly so intriguing, and sounds positively dull to me, belying its contents). The book has been reprinted for sale.

However, it did make me think about titles of books. I am more than happy with the title I have come up with for my book and do not think it will cause any controversy but will attract readers. For the moment, it must remain a secret, but I do have some questions to pose, and must check this out with the tutors on my MA in Professional Writing.

- How does one secure copyright on a title of a book not yet completed?
- How long does the copyright on a title of a book last?
I am thinking, in particular, here of Charles Cumming's recent bestseller Typhoon, which was also the title of a much earlier novel by Joseph Conrad .

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